Academic Senate

The UC Regents established the Academic Senate to participate—through shared governance—in academic matters, such as degree and enrollment requirements and program establishment, disestablishment, and review. The UCLA Senate also advises the Administration on budget matters and the organization and structure of the university, as well as on faculty promotions and appointments and other academic personnel actions. As a result, the faculty has a voice in the operation of the University and in the realization of UCLA's mission of excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service. Moreover, the Senate directly supports faculty research through the awarding of faculty grants.

Reflecting the principles of shared governance, the Academic Senate supports UCLA's mission by facilitating communication and cooperation between the faculty and other components of the university, enabling informed, inclusive decision-making. The Senate's efforts are based on the premise that the university's excellence demands substantive contributions from faculty, administration, staff, and students made in a respectful, collaborative way.


Los Angeles Division