EVC/Provost Office

Laurie K. Summers
Assistant Provost

Traci A. Considine
Executive Search Manager

Contact the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
If you have an idea, concern, suggestion, or view that you would like to communicate, please do not hesitate to contact our office. While we may not be able to respond to every message, we will share your comments with others to help solve a problem, answer a question, or promote the consideration of a new idea.

Contact Information

[email protected]
Telephone: 310-825-2052
Fax: 310-206-6030


UCLA Office of the Chancellor
2147 Murphy Hall, Box 951405
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1405

Past Leaders
1970-75 — David Saxon, EVC
1975-78 — William P. Gerberding, EVC
1978-87 — William D. Schaefer, EVC
1987-91 — Murray Schwartz, EVC
1991-96 — Andrea Rich, EVC
1996-98 — Charles F. Kennel, EVC
1998-02 — Wyatt R. (Rory) Hume, EVC
2002-06 — Daniel Neuman, EVC
2007 — Executive Vice Chancellor is also named Provost; Scott Waugh is named acting EVC/Provost
2008-19 — Scott Waugh, EVC/Provost
2019-present — Emily A. Carter, EVC/Provost